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Mr. Josh's Saturday Improv

Make it funny!  Make it crazy!!  Make it up!!!  Sign up your son or daughter to join our zany, unscripted fun, and watch as they use their imagination to create never-before-seen hilarious scenes.  This ridiculous class will bring out their creativity, enthusiasm, confidence... and have them laughing all the way!

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From some of our online Final Performances we present:


     -Channel Surfing


     -The Dating Game

     -Late for Work


Check out some of our ridiculous games!


Why do improv?


Improvisation is an excellent way for young actors to grow on stage, and to build everyday self-confidence along the way. Not only does it help increase their self-esteem, but it also bolsters their public speaking skills, their ability to think on their feet, their problem-solving skills, and (most importantly?) their listening skills.  All this and much more... and all while playing silly games with titles like Three-Headed Expert, Fairy Tale Creation, Weekend at Bernie's, and Zulu! Annnnnd, we even get to cap the whole thing off at the end of the session with an evening performance for family and friends.


This silly and fun class is open to all students, grades 1-12, and we welcome all skill levels! We have some students who've been taking improv classes for many years, and some who are just trying it out for the first time... we encourage everyone to join in on the craziness!


Mr. Josh has been teaching young actors Improv for over 20 years.  He's worked with the Shy, the Outgoing, the Wallflowers, the Super Loud, the Crazy, the Intimidated, the Creative, and the Captain Randoms.  His years of experience has seen quite a lot, and he still gets a kick out of going to class every Saturday to see what these kids will think up next!


We offer two classes every Saturday:

   -Group One (9:00am - 9:55am) for students in grades 1st -6th

   -Group Two (10:00am - 10:55am) for students in grades 7th-12th

"Josh is really great with the kids. My daughter comes home from class, and for the next two hours all she talks about is improv and how she can't wait for next week! Highly recommend."


—  Matthew & Shannon C.H.

"Not only was the class fun for my daughter, but it helped her confidence with the public speaking that she's done in college."

—  Liz K.

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New Classes
May 11th

Mr. Josh's Saturday Improv

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