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Introducing "Lights Up", a collection of short scripts for children or teens looking for roles and scenes that are fun, engaging, and easy to produce on stage!  This nifty little book is also a fantastic go-to treasure trove of scenes for teachers of all levels of theatre experience.

Lights Up Cover.jpg

Lights Up

Welcome to the unpredictable pages of Lights Up, a compilation of short scenes begging to be performed by enthusiastic young actors looking for fun and lively characters to play on stage!


Dive into twenty mini-plays that are perfect for all types, from the seasoned thespian to the beginning drama student, and can be acted out before an audience of hundreds, a small classroom, or in the family living room. Each ridiculous story will have young actors excited to jump on stage, eager to play these big characters! Scenes range from two to eight roles, and can be costumed and staged with a budget of hundreds, or pocket change.


So grab some friends, cast the show, and go out and entertain the world!

Sandwich Sample Script
Smiling Unicorn Sample Script
Trapped Sample Script
Trapped Illustration
Smiling Unicorn Illustration
Sandwich Illustration
Philophobia Illustration
The Commodore and the Admiral Sample Script
The Commodore and the Admiral Illustration
Philophobia Sample Script
Cindy's Best Day Ever Illustration
Cindy's Best Day Ever Sample Script
Click on any of the pages to see a sample of that script!

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(Kindle and Paperback)

Mysterious Mysteries Illustration
Illustrated by
fellow Washington State University Cougar,
Mr. Sean Hall!

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