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A multimedia company specializing in short film, online comedy sketches, and children's theatre.




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Stephanie Skewes Joshua Evans
Stephanie Skewes Joshua Evans
Stephanie Skewes Joshua Evans
Stephanie Skewes Joshua Evans
Stephanie Skewes Joshua Evans

Who We Are

Skewed Evans Productions is owned and operated by husband and wife team Stephanie Skewes and Joshua Evans.  Belonging to that rare breed of married couples who thoroughly enjoy working together 24/7, they continue to produce, write, direct, and perform in various local and international projects, showcased here for your enjoyment.

Founder, Joshua Evans, was recently featured in an interview for
ShoutOut LA Magazine!

Meet the Team

Joshua Evans

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Actor, Writer, Teacher

Favorite Weather: Rain

Terrified of: Aliens

House: Gryffindor

River or Lake: River

Best Paired with: Cabernet

Favourite ThunderCat: Cheetara

Stephanie Skewes

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Actor, Dancer, Teacher

Favorite Weather: Sunny, yet Brisk

European City: Paris

Lannister: Cersei

Can't: Snap Fingers

Goes Well with: Champagne

Favourite CareBear: Cheer Bear

Archer Evans

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Baby, Laugher, Eater

Favorite Weather: Pumpkin

Astrological Sign: Turkey

Coffee or Tea: Smiley Face

Highest Rank: Monkey

Umm...Do You Understand These Questions?

[Begins to eat the paper]

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