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Verdugo Woodlands Elementary's
After-School Drama Program

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Making Shakespeare
easy, accessible, and fun!

Theatre is back at Verdugo Woodlands!

After more than eight years of after-school drama at VW, we had to take a quick intermission for Covid... but now we're back!

Spotlights is a program offered exclusively to Verdugo Woodlands Elementary students, where the kids will spend nine weeks rehearsing, practicing, and preparing for an originally-written play, based upon the works of William Shakespeare.


Using the characters and themes from Shakespeare's works, students will get an entry level taste of the crazy and sensational tales written over 400 years ago... but updated for the youth of today!

Our originally-written show will give every actor the opportunity to shine on stage, with absolutely NO ONE assigned to play a meaningless "Forest Tree #4" type of role.

Join us as we kick start our crazy program again, and get these VW kids on stage!


Shawn R.

Spotlights is the best!  Mr. Josh and Mr. Jason are great teachers and such positive mentors for all the students.  They make sure all the kids get a part and everyone feels special.  We are HUGE fans!

Julia T.

I highly recommend this program to any who are considering it.  The teachers go to great lengths to ensure that all of the students play a significant part and have a great time.  My son's only regret is that the play is now over.

Brandy B.

This is an amazing after-school program.  It's truly something special, and so wonderful for all the kids.  I can't say enough good things!


Winter 2023

Midsummer Banner 02.png

"A troupe of campers is in for a wild ride as magical woodland creatures invade their dreams and take them on a journey of the fantastical.  Maybe the campers shouldn't have listened to their camp counselor's retelling of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", but now it's too late!  They're thrown into a fever dream all their own, and the mischievous creatures will force their imaginations to run rampant as the campers get lost in tonight's MIDSUMMER MAYHEM!"

Classes are TUESDAYS, 2:30pm - 4:30pm
(start-time adjusted for different grade levels)
JANUARY 10th - MARCH 7th

Final Performance is Tuesday, March 7th at 6:45pm

All Classes and Final Performance
are held at the Dads Club

*Please Note that there are two additional dates, NOT on a Tuesday:
Sunday, March 5th - Costume Day (10-15 minutes)
Monday, March 6th - MANDATORY Extra Rehearsal, 2:30pm - 4:30pm

EARLY BIRD Registration: $160

(Ends December 16th)

REGULAR Registration: $180

(Ends January 9th)

LATE Registration: $200

(After January 9th)


Payment Plans are not available
No refunds after the 2nd class (January 17th)
All refunds subject to a $10 fee

Click below to sign up for our Winter 2023 show, "Midsummer Mayhem"!

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Contact Mr. Josh at
(818) 749-0103
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