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Anna (2017)

11 min 45 sec  |   Sexual Situations   |

Written & Directed by Joshua Evans

"Anna" marks the second in our series of three movies which feature international travel as the backdrop to the narrative.

For this short, I wanted to experiment with the elements of Sound and Time, and make them an integral aspect of the film. I sought to take away our main characters' dialogue and instead create memories that act almost like an intrusive secondary character, one that is relentless in reminding her of her past and (subsequent) present pain. Jumping from past to present in a non-linear timeline allows the audience to slowly understand our main character, and to understand her silence.

Truly an independent project, all international footage was shot and created by Stephanie and me. We were fortunate enough to film in four different countries (France, Italy, Spain, and the US), displaying beautiful snapshots of each.

Skewed Evans Productions  ~  Los Angeles, California  ~  (818) 749-0103

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